Friday, June 4, 2010

Vote for your Favourite Hero

Today we're doing what we love best... drooling over gorgeous men.  And voting on our favourite.

You don't have to pick just one, 'cause you know what they say (forgive the artistic licence): Love is like a box of chocolates, and there's no fun in being allowed only one piece of candy!

So, who's it gonna be?
That All American Guy with the too cool smile and sexy crinkly thing going with the eyes?
Or maybe the Hot Latino Lover with that sultry come-hither in his dark gaze?
Call me a cradle snatcher, but there's just something about that Wizard Next Door in all his boyish cuteness.
How about the Lord of The Manor, you know, the one with more arrogance than wealth and even more titles - and yes, he has to take a swim in the lake first!
And, ooh, our favourite blood-thirsting-but-no-sucking Soul-Torn Vampire. He has a soul. No he doesn't. Yes he does. Does it even matter when you look like that?
Last, but certainly not least, back in the days when men weren't scared to show their chests, we have our Warrior. (Sadly, this one's ready for battle, so no chests today)

Enjoy the feast!


  1. Good poll! I can never have just one piece of candy so I went for the Lord of the Manor & the Warrior (I could've taken the hot latino lover & torn vampire as well, but I thought it's a bit too early in the day to be *that* greedy!!)

  2. LOL, Judes, ditto! And oh, my, I almost voted for Wizard, but I have to keep telling myself: You're old enough to be his mother *smack heaad* You're old enough to be his mother

  3. Oh, I'm a warrior girl for sure!

    Although Lord of the Manor is very tempting. Very tempting indeed.

    Thanks for the Friday fun!

  4. Sign me up for the Hot Latino Lover, although I was torn between him and the Warrior! Hey, and what about a hot Native American guy?? :-)

  5. Ooh, good one with the hot Native American, Liz... next time :)

  6. Oooh Yes, Liz, I agree - I love Native American heroes!!!

  7. I'm like Liz, I was torn between several. I'd like a buffet. A pinch of Hot Latino Lord of the Manor American Warrior, please.

  8. This is fun, Romy! :-) I had a hard time choosing between Lord of the Manor and Soul-Torn Vampire. The latter one won...although, why couldn't he be both? ;-) Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  9. Right at the moment it must be the tortured vampire. But that picture of Brad Pitt is so gorgeous I just had to cast a vote for him.

  10. It's Lord of the Manor for me - especially with that hot pic of Colin Firth from Pride and Prejudice - *swoon*!! Thanks for the Friday Fun, Ladies! Happy writing and reading!

  11. Lord of the manor for me too! Bring it on Mr. Darcy.

  12. I guess I can consider myself a bit of a gluton ... had to go for the Colin Firth of course but can't ever say no to Antonio! Sigh ... take me away to dreamland now please!