Monday, June 7, 2010

Carina Press has Launched

Harlequin's new digital first division, Carina Press, has launched! Carina Press will be publishing all types of fiction (not just romance) from erotica to thrillers to speculative fiction. They're releasing a clump of titles each Monday in June, and from there out there'll still be a weekly release but probably with fewer new releases each Monday (at least until their stable of authors increases).

You can visit their e-book store at and the titles are also available at most sites where ebooks are sold, such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc

There is also a Carina Press Comminity at eHarlequin if you want to learn more about the authors, the types of books and ask any questions regarding subbing there.

I'll be spotlighting a few of the Carina Press authors on My Blog this month, starting today with Carrie Lofty. Carrie has also just sold a series to Pocket featuring a title set in South Africa, so if you've any questions, like did she have any trouble selling a SA setting, etc, please feel free to ask

This is a great new opportunity if you have a story to submit that doesn't tick the boxes of traditional publishing houses. I've just come through final editing stage with Carina Press and can contest to the fact that they are incredibly professional, their link to Harlequin's marketing and resources is tight, and the range of books they're looking at is impressive. I would definitely recommend Carina Press as a home to submit your story to  -  although that's just my personal opinion :)


  1. I've read your interview with Carrie Lofty - her book sounds delicious! I've also browsed Carina's webstore - I must say they cater for all tastes, so there must be something there for all romance readers, no matter what your favourite romance from paranormal to historical!

  2. Yes, Judes, they're going to be pubbing everything. Will take a while though for them to build a comprehensive list, but they've already got a couple coming out this month that's on my TBR list