Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday TWRP!

The Wild Rose Press celebrates their fifth birthday this week. They will be running a 5-day long birthday bash on their two reader loops, with loads of giveaways for participants. You can chat with authors, find out about new books, ask questions - and win!

You can find the two reader loops here:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carina Press Steampunk Submission Call

Carina Press has put out a submission call for a rather interesting holiday theme. They are looking for novellas between 18,000 and 35,000 words in the Steampunk genre and with a winter theme. The stories do not have to be romances, and they can have absolutely any heat level. The deadline is May 15th, so get scribbling.

You can find out more here: Steampunk Submissions Call.

PS: If you're not quite sure what Steampunk is, Wikipedia has this interesting article, or you can sample some of the genre from Carina's store.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hero ... Gilles Marini is up!

Yes the oh-I-can't-stop-drooling-gorgeous Gilles Marini is the new inspiration on our Hero Worship page. Check out the pictures or errrmmm the bio here.

If you don't know who Gilles is ... just watch Dancing with the Stars on channel 120 Friday and Sunday night! You should recognise him as the delicious Frenchman in Brothers & Sisters too!

I'm sure your heroine wouldn't mind looking into those sexy dark eyes!

Enjoy! Oh and do keep sending those ideas of who you'd like to see next!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Judy Croome gives away Amazon Vouchers!

Judy Croome - one of the founding members of the South African Romance Writer's site - has started on her journey of self publishing! We're happy to announce that her book "Dancing in the Shadows of Love" will be released next month. Keep your eyes on this blog for more information!

To celebrate the joyful learning curve that she's on Judy has decided to give away 4 Amazon vouchers - each to the value of $25! If you'd prefer to have it in local currency for your local vendors then Judy will even arrange that for you.

So what do you need to do to get your hands on one of these vouchers? Simple! Go watch the trailer for "Dancing in the Shadows of Love" - which you can do by clicking here.

Once you've watched it - Like it and send Judy your details so you can be entered into the draw! You can reach Judy by clicking here! You can even triple your entries by leaving a comment on YouTube!

If you can't wait to find out more about Judy's journey you can go to her blog by clicking here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Wild Rose Press Looking for Submissions

Yup another epublisher is looking for your work! Haven't heard of the Wild Rose Press? They're generally known as the "kinder, gentler publisher"! They only publish romance - which is of course great news for our readers and contributors! Our very own Romy Sommer is also published by Wild Rose under her alias Rae Summers. Check out her book "Let's Misbehave".

The Wild Rose Press is looking for your Classic Contemporaries for the Champagne Rose Line.

The Millionaire's Club

Champagne and Caviar. Rich and sexy. He's the reformed playboy, the corporate raider or the self-made man. He comes from old money or new money. These stories are about rich and powerful men. He's determined and has the means to get what he wants. The woman he falls in love with usually doesn't have money, but she does have power in this relationship. However, he'll have to shower her with more than the gifts money can buy. He'll have to earn her love. And he'll have to show her his love is the most valuable possession he can give her.

Submission requirements for the Millionaire's Club.

Length – 20K – 60K (not full length - these will not go to print)

Rated Spicy to Hot (see details on both ratings below). Champagne Rose stories must include a fully depicted and fully consummated love scene to be considered in this line.

Spicy: Contains detailed love scenes, including descriptions of foreplay and consummation.

Hot: Contains sizzling detailed love scenes and explicit content, which may be offensive to some. This is not erotic romance. No extreme graphic language.

Find out more about their submission requirements here or send your submissions to

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ellora's Cave Looking for Submissions

If you haven't heard of them, Ellora's Cave calls itself "The world's first & foremost publisher of erotic romance for women, as featured in Forbes, the Washington Post, Publisher's Weekly & the Montel Show."

They are an ePublisher and work with authors via email so no paper submissions allowed.
Their special theme series for 2011 are:
Theme is tech sex: all the ways to meet and fall in lust and love via modern technology--texting, IM, Skype, online dating.
Stories release in October 2011.
Submission deadline is April 30, 2011.

Theme is love letters, cards, diaries.
Stories will release in January/February 2012 (in time for Valentine's Day).
Submission deadline is August 31, 2011.

Stories must be set in Canada, at least one of the main characters must be Canadian, and the story should have a Canadian "flavor" (slang, customs, holidays, etc).
Submissions must be received before September 1, 2011.
Stories release throughout 2011.

Further guidelines:
~ Story length 18K - 45K words.
~ Any genres, settings.
~ Must use the theme as a primary story element.
Submission deadlines are firm. Earlier is preferred.

Want to know more about the publisher? Visit their web site!