Friday, April 8, 2011

Wild Rose Press Looking for Submissions

Yup another epublisher is looking for your work! Haven't heard of the Wild Rose Press? They're generally known as the "kinder, gentler publisher"! They only publish romance - which is of course great news for our readers and contributors! Our very own Romy Sommer is also published by Wild Rose under her alias Rae Summers. Check out her book "Let's Misbehave".

The Wild Rose Press is looking for your Classic Contemporaries for the Champagne Rose Line.

The Millionaire's Club

Champagne and Caviar. Rich and sexy. He's the reformed playboy, the corporate raider or the self-made man. He comes from old money or new money. These stories are about rich and powerful men. He's determined and has the means to get what he wants. The woman he falls in love with usually doesn't have money, but she does have power in this relationship. However, he'll have to shower her with more than the gifts money can buy. He'll have to earn her love. And he'll have to show her his love is the most valuable possession he can give her.

Submission requirements for the Millionaire's Club.

Length – 20K – 60K (not full length - these will not go to print)

Rated Spicy to Hot (see details on both ratings below). Champagne Rose stories must include a fully depicted and fully consummated love scene to be considered in this line.

Spicy: Contains detailed love scenes, including descriptions of foreplay and consummation.

Hot: Contains sizzling detailed love scenes and explicit content, which may be offensive to some. This is not erotic romance. No extreme graphic language.

Find out more about their submission requirements here or send your submissions to

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