Thursday, June 17, 2010

Essentials Voice of Africa Contest

For those readers who haven't yet checked out the latest copy of Essentials magazine, the winner announcement will be made in the August issue, available in stores at the end of July.

While we wait together, please feel free to de-lurk and let us know if you entered.

I entered two short stories this year, and I'm just as eager to see if I not only finalled but also which one of the two they might have preferred. It's hard to type with so many fingers crossed!


  1. Thanks for this Romy, I was wondering when the winners would be announced. I entered one story & because I hadn't heard anything via email or phone I assumed I hadn't placed. do you know if they contact the writers who place prior to publication?

  2. Judes - last year I discovered I made the shortlist only when I picked up a copy in store and flicked through it. I'm sure the actual winners are notified beforehand though, as the previous winner's announcement was accompanied by a pic and bio of the winner. Who knows if they'll do the same this year?

  3. Hmmm. Maybe there's still hope then! Thanks Romy! :)