Thursday, November 20, 2014

Conference Report: Nicki Bosman's talk on 'The Story of Your Life'

Thank you very much to Lorna Senior for her report on Nicki Bosman's talk at ROSACon2014. Nicki runs an editorial service called Enbeevee.

Report by Lorna Senior

Nicki Bosman has a degree majoring in English and Communications and a B.Tech in Public Relations and Communications. Her primary passion is working with English and words.

Nicki shared the challenges she herself has faced, including her husband’s death due to a motor bike accident, and her diagnosis of MS in 1992.

She advised us to write honestly and most importantly to be believable. For example, although we frequently suspend belief in fiction and particularly in romance writing, it is vital that emotions are authentically portrayed.

She suggested reading real life accounts eg Readers’ Digest or newspaper articles and interviewing the participants, if possible. Dramatic events have to be treated with respect. Nicki also pointed out the importance of using the five senses and having an awareness of how our words are used. The presentation underlined that everything we experience can be used in our writing.

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