Saturday, October 3, 2009

Official Nanowrimo

The best way to achieve your Nano goal is to keep motivated all month. I'm not just talking about chocolate. Support and understanding from your family go a long way, but even better is the encouragement of other Nano writers, people in the same boat as you.

The official Nano site is at This is where you log in, create your identity, keep track of your word counts and when you finally succeed, this is where you claim your recognition. You can also meet writing buddies here, people who will help you feel like you're not alone and that you really can do this. If you join up on this site, please also join the South African regional group and let them know who you are. The municipal liaisons arrange local events for writers to meet and greet. If you're in Johannesburg, I hope to see you there!

eHarlequin's community site also runs a forum group for Nano participants. Though no-one there keeps tracks of your overall score, the forum is a fun place to hang out (when you really should be writing!) and participants get to post their favourite line of the day which is always good for a laugh or some inspiration. The community site is at

You can go Nanowrimo alone, but unless you really are a tremendously disciplined person (in which case you probably don't need Nano) I strongly recommend that you don't. At the very least, find a writing friend that you can suffer along with, compete against, laugh with or moan with. It'll keep you on track and motivated.

Of course, we'll also be here to post encouragement and to listen to your woes. So don't be a stranger ....

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