Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nollybooks: looking for South African love stories

South African publishing venture Nollybooks is looking for writers and experienced editors. They plan to publish love stories aimed at the young, black South African market. At 30,000 words, they're looking for stories that are short but which pack a punch, similar to Mills & Boon. Also like Mills & Boon they're developing an unusual distribution network: Nollybooks will not be selling in traditional bookstores, but rather through hair salons, spaza shops etc.

Nollybooks is the brainchild of Moky Makura, a former Carte Blanche presenter, who has experience in publishing, PR and is a business writer. She is also the founder of Africa Our Africa, a website aimed at promoting patriotism and African pride.

For more information on Nollybooks, check out or contact Nkateko Shingange on or 011 656 6349.

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