Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carina Press: a call for novellas

Carina Press' Executive Editor, Angela James, tweeted recently that she would very much like to see more novellas / short easy reads, so dust off those novellas and get them subbed.

They're also looking for historical novels, anything from 15,000 words and upwards, as reported on the Risky Regencies blog. Regencies remain ever popular, but they're also looking for other time periods and most exciting of all, Carina are open to all genres, time travel and historical fantasy stories are also welcomed.

We've blogged about Carina Press before (see here) and our excitement has grown considerably since then. Though the official launch is still a few weeks away (on 7th June) this new publisher is already causing a stir in the publishing world and I predict that they're just going to go from strength to strength.

Our very own Claire Robyns, whose novel Betrayed, is among Carina's first releases, will be blogging here closer to the launch date.

For Carina's submission guidelines, click here.


  1. Just wanted to add that while most of the releases I know of so far are romance, Carina Press is interested in fiction with or without a romantic element. Basically their mantra of 'Where no great story goes untold' says it all.
    They're really great a great team to work with, incredibly professional and on the ball. The Carina Press authors get to interact with a number of Harlequin staff, especially for the marketing, and it's a great introduction for a newbie into the world of publishing.

    I really believe this is going to be the year that ebooks takes the reading world by storm, and it's a great time to be dusting off those stories and getting them subbed

  2. Yay! Sounds fantastic Romy and thanks so much for your input Claire! Perhaps a novella is a more realistic aim for those of us working moms out there! :-)