Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carina Press

I'm jumping up and down with excitement this morning! I woke to the news that Harlequin Enterprises, arguably the world's biggest publishing house, has opened a new imprint for digital format books (ebooks to you and me).

What is so exciting about this new imprint, named Carina Press, is that they are open to all genres, all lengths and all heat levels, from sweet to erotica, from Space Opera to historical thriller.

Have you ever had a manuscript rejected because it didn't quite fit Harlequin's category guidelines? Then submit it to Carina.
Written a murder mystery with a lesbian heroine that you you don't know where to submit? Submit to Carina.
Or a single title chick lit that you can't find an agent for? Submit to Carina.

Like most ebook publishers, there will be no advances but the royalty percentages will be higher than for traditional print books. For more information on Carina Press and their submission guidelines, click on the link below.

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  1. No wonder you're so excited Romy! This is great news! I'm off to check it out ...