Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cape Town Retreat Feedback from Dawn Rae

Dawn Rae (Left) with Louise Fury and Sumi Singh 

I'm not a member but I signed up for the ROSA Writers' Retreat specifically to hear Louise Fury speak about query letters. I got that and so much more. Louise shared knowledge and experience from her life as an agent, and she was always ready to hear what we were working on. Many of us benefited from her excellent advice so freely given.

I learnt that published authors also struggle, and although writing is a solitary calling, I am not alone. Rae Rivers spoke about Imposter Syndrome, something that even established writers do battle with, and I realised as I listened that I was feeling it right then. 

I learnt the importance of social media in a writer's success, and I now understand why I need a website. Since the retreat I've got myself onto Twitter - no idea what I'm doing yet but at least I've got the account!

I learnt that being part of a like-minded community brings benefits of support and friendship, and I felt welcomed into this group of awesome ladies. I'm so looking forward to our first informal get-together, happening soon.

For me, the way forward is to join ROSA and make sure I never miss out again on wonderful events like this one.

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  1. Great post Dawn :-) I can vouch for everything you said. It would be wonderful to welcome you to our family of romance writers :-)