Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Peter's review of 'The Rewrite'

Thank you so much to ROSA member Peter Barker for this review of The Rewrite, the new romcom which ROSA Johannesburg were invited to view at an advance screening courtesy of Ster Kinekor:

One may be tempted to stifle a yawn at the arrival of yet another 'chick flick' featuring naughty boy Hugh Grant. The typical Romance structure Boy meets girl, boy dates girl, Boy and girl break up, boy and girl reconcile and all live happily ever after while the arch-feminist in the sub plot is able to stand her ground.

Whereas the arrival of THE REWRITE featuring Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei soon to be distributed through the Ster-Kinekor chain falls into this category, it is worthy of a more stricter test. Firstly, does it entertain? Is it interesting, (or does it educate)? Finally does it inspire?

On all three tests it certainly meets the criteria. The story is based at a University campus where Hugh Grant as a washed up one hit wonder script writer is sent to teach screen writing to a class of university students. He is spotted by single mother mature student played by Marisa Tomei. Hugh Grant's character treats the job with disdain until his mistakes start to catch up with him. Marisa Tomei's character is in the background guiding him through towards the right choices. Youth and its uncertainties and enthusiasm which comes through the students in the screenwriting class certainly provide entertaining viewing. The story line is enlightening for aspiring writers and gives a perspective of what writing and getting material published is all about. It is not a writer's guide but it does illustrate some of the tricks and pitfalls of the trade. Finally, there is in the cast of characters someone for everyone to identify with. Enough material for everyone to be reminded that your dreams and ambitions are obtainable no matter what your background is.

For an evening's entertainment which albeit in a familiar genre, will leave you entertained, enlightened and inspired. THE REWRITE is well worth a visit to the cinema.

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