Sunday, April 6, 2014

Excerpt Sunday—Brent's Law

A couple of weeks ago, fellow author Kathleen Bosman provided us with some great tips about setting your books in Africa. Brent's Law has both the cosmopolitan and rural Africa as setting with a smattering of the wildness always associated with Africa.

Divorce attorney, Samantha Owen tries to resist the attraction between herself and international rugby player, Brent Russell because she stands to loose so much more than just her sanity if she succumbs to the passion brewing between them. She soon learns that Brent has a rule he applies to his life like she would apply the rule of law in her work—what Brent wants, Brent gets. And he wants Samantha, both in his bed and in his life.

 Brent's Law is available from Totally Bound, Amazon US, Amazon UK, All Romance Ebooks, QBD, Ebooks by Sainsbury's, Angus & Robertson


Brent pointed to the sugarcane fields below the helicopter. “Those fields form part of my farm.”

They’d been airborne for more than two hours and Samantha’s neck cramped from turning her head in all directions to absorb the sights below her. Farmland had turned to mines at regular intervals until they passed Carolina where the mines became more infrequent. The pilot increased altitude to scale the mountainous terrain close to Barberton and she grabbed onto Brent’s hand.

“He knows what he’s doing. I’ll never put you in danger.”

Right. Just being with him caused mortal danger to her heart. She brought herself up short. Since when did her heart feature in the equation between her and Brent? The electricity sparking between them had nothing to do with emotions and everything to do with lust. She couldn’t afford for it to be anything else.

Then the scenery changed so drastically she had no time to ponder the pilot’s skills or lack thereof. Before she could ask about the sugarcane, the pilot reduced altitude and her eyes widened.

Below her, a thatched mansion nestled close to the Crocodile River. A small pool sparkled in the morning sun and several antelope grazed on the grass. A tennis court and mini put-put track was a small distance from the house while five garage doors lined the one wall.

They landed on the helipad next to the garages and, after taking off the headphones, Brent shouted at her to wait so he could assist her. When the blades came to a complete stop, he alighted and helped her out of the helicopter.

He briefly hugged her to him before holding her at arm’s length. “Welcome to my humble abode.” 


  1. Sounds like an interesting read Yolande! And congratulations on your release! xoxo

  2. I loved this book! Congratulations on your release Yolande! What I liked about this story was the writing style. It absolutely pulls you in and wanting to keep turning the pages.

  3. Thanks Leigh. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.