Friday, October 12, 2012

"Lights, Camera, Love" - Bronwyn Desjardins


  1. Thanks for posting the whole interview Bronwyn! Wonderful to see it back again. Please tell me you're going to follow up this post with another where we can see an excerpt of the movie!

  2. Great interview, Bronwyn - and you look so glam!

  3. Hi Ladies
    Not sure why I never saw your posts until now... Apologies for the delayed replies.
    @Amanda Thanks, but there won't be a movie as it will cost too much to film at all the locations. Perhaps one day some wealthy Nigerian will pick it up... Not that I will gain anything financially from such a transaction but a woman can dream.
    @Romy I didn't feel 'glam' I have to say (thanks all the same) but I did feel quite calm. Sindy is great. This is my official 'before' video. It was all over so quickly.