Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Voices contest: South African Entrants

This is where we'll keep the list of all South Africans (both home and abroad) entered into the 2011 New Voices contest, as well as any entries set in South Africa.

Please support these authors by reading, voting and commenting on their chapters.

Biba Fielding: Colour Me Right
Rokaya Alli: Memories of the Past
Romy Sommer: Once Upon A Time
Sally Jacobs: Picture Perfect 
Ana Mese: Taking Chances
Kamy Chetty: The Doctor's Own Miracle Family
Kathleen Bosman: It Has To Be Perfect
Sharon Gabrielle: Love Complicates
Zan-Mari Vosges: What happens in London
Gloudi de Beer: Love on the horizon
Ella Stevens: Booty Calls and Lies
Yolande Pienaar: His Vet's Choice
Melinda Bechus: A Stranger in Time
Leonie Anderson: The Call Girl Conundrum
Bronwyn Desjardins: No Mistake in Marriage
Aimee Gray: Amber's African Adventure
Amanda Holly: Twins and Pearls
Alexandra Fox: Dreams Do Come True
Flora van Kleef: Her Crazy Love
Sherita Singh: Witch Apprentice
Chantelle Grundling: The Unbreakable Vow
Judy Seymour-Wood: Roxie Returns

Congratulations to everyone who has entered. You deserve awards both for bravery and for following your dreams. Pop on over to Lacey Devlin's blog to add your name to the NV Wall of Fame, and claim a blog badge.

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