Thursday, August 18, 2011

Publish Your MS Online and Start Earning Royalties Today

Do you have an unpublished manuscript floating around?

Why not publish it online as an ebook? You never know, the readers out there may love it. Online sales are currently outstripping hardback sales and the trend is only set to increase. Plus, I’m sure you could do with an extra couple of hundred bucks in your pocket each month?

I am not a traditionally-published author. I currently have three titles out on Amazon Kindle. Some sell better than others but on average I’m making an extra $60 per month. That’s without marketing - solely relying on the ‘foot traffic’ from users. Imagine if your ebook sold twenty or even fifty copies a month? With proper marketing (PPC, Ad Swops, Link Exchanges, Newsletter Mentions etc.) that is not entirely unfeasible.

eBook publishing is in fact relatively simple. All you need is a complete manuscript saved in a Word document. Most ebook sales sites (like, Smashwords etc.) require your ms to be in some type of format before you can upload it to their servers. That’s where we at come in. Our editors know how to format your ms for eReaders across all platforms, from Android, to iPhone, iPad to Kindle, so all you have to do is upload the formatted document. What this actually means is that it will display accurately on any eReading device. Poorly formatted ebooks can damage an authors reputation as readers will simply delete the ms from their device and not bother buying another one. It’s worthwhile to make sure your ebook is properly formatted.

The same goes for cover art. Although we all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, research shows that in fact, we all do. The cover image of your book on can influence the buying behaviour of readers. A well designed, appropriate cover will maximise your online sales and contribute to your professionalism and reputation. At we specialise in ebook covers which are formatted for screen resolutions, printing and reading on all eReader devices.

So join the online revolution and start making money on your ebook sales. What have you got to lose? And with you are already ahead of the game.

Here’s to your online success!
Louise Rose-Innes
Email if you have any queries.

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