Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing ... Louise Rose-Innes

Louise Rose-Innes was born in Cape Town, in the Western Cape and spent her school years running wild amongst the subtropical environs of the beautiful east coast of South Africa. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Geographical Science, as well as a Post Graduate in Marketing Management at the University of Cape Town, she moved to London where she currently lives.

When she’s not writing modern romance, Louise works as a web copywriter and internet marketer. She’s just launched an e-book formatting service for authors, who want to self-publish their work on the web. Check out her website at

Louise has been formulating romantic stories in her head as far back as she can remember, and finally put pen to paper in 1996 after completing a romance writing course through Barnes and Nobel. She did a diploma in Features Writing at the London School of Journalism in 2001, and studied Online Copywriting with American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) in 2009. Louise has published several fiction and non-fiction e-books, the latest titled 50 Development Activities for Kids, which can be purchased from

She’s also written a comprehensive visitors guide to Cape Town, called Cape Town Magic, which can be downloaded off

Louise is a regular blogger on online marketing for authors, at Savvy Authors, a website for writers, by writers. Louise’s latest romance novel, Antarctic Affair, can be downloaded off her website or found on Amazon Kindle. If you have any questions for Louise, you can email her at


  1. Hey Louise :)

    Wow, that's an impressive biography. You're so accomplished!

    Good luck with all your future projects.

  2. Wow Louise that's quite a resume you've got!

    I read and loved your "Lessons in Love" and am looking forward to reading more from you!