Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Introducing .... Kathleen Bosman

I hope all our South African readers are at the polls today, exercising your right to a say in your government. Enjoy the day off!

Today I welcome Kathleen Bosman, one of our few Kwazulu-Natal members, who currently lives in Newcastle (the one in South Africa!)

If you live in Natal, please get in touch with us, as we need a few more members before we can get a local chapter going there! (PS: If anyone would like to offer me a job in Durban, I'd love to move back there.)

* * * 

I grew up in Durban and from childhood spent most of my days walking to the library and making up stories in my head while I walked, then reading, reading and reading library books.  I loved fantasy stories and dreamed one day of writing my own books.

A year after marrying Kevin, we left our stable jobs and moved to Zambia to help with education there, planning to stay only two years.  We stayed seven years and although life was hard, I had my three babies there and did not have to work while they were little.  To counteract the boredom of the slow life there, I took up writing and did a writing course on writing for children, thinking that was the type of writing I was only interested in.  I wrote three children's books which when I look back on, I cringe, but it was experience.

After moving back to Newcastle, South Africa, and looking after three busy preschoolers, I put writing aside.

Then when I took a position running a church bookshop, my days became lazy and quiet again and I decided to write an adult novel.  It turned out to be romance!  It was so much easier writing for adults - I didn't have to simplify everything - I could just write.

Since then, I have written about four more novels, each time learning something new and perfecting my talent.  I self-published my first novel, The Shoe Shop, with Raider Publishing and although it was wonderful to have my words in print, the response has been disappointing due to the publisher putting typing errors on the back page of my book and all the websites.

Although I enjoy reading and writing woman's fiction and some suspense, I always enjoy romance the most.

My greatest dream is to be published with a traditional publisher one day and make a successful career of my writing.


* * *

If you would like to join ROSA, please email either myself or Amanda (email addresses below) or leave a comment below with your email address and we'll contact you. The Yahoo group, where we provide moral support, and exchange news and ideas can be found at:


  1. Hey Kathleen

    Great getting to know you better. We share the same dream, here's to achieving it!

  2. Hi Kathy! Great to put a face to the person! Here's hoping you'll be holding the physical reality of your dream in your hands soon!

    Isn't it great to be surrounded by people with the same goals?

  3. The support at ROSA is wonderful and moves me on through the dark moments. Thanks ladies!

  4. Go for it Kathy! Pleased to meet you.
    Gina x