Thursday, September 9, 2010

Harlequin's New Voices Contest

It hardly feels like a year since Harlequin / Mills & Boon ran one of these contests, but here we are again. This year's contest, New Voices, is bigger and better than any that have gone before. Check it out at

Past contests they've run:
  • Instant Seduction in 2007 - winner Lynn Raye Harris has just sold book #7. Tine Duncan, who didn't place in the contest did get a request - and later sold to Harlequin.
  • Feel the Heat in 2008 - winner Lucy King already has 2 books published with Harlequin and she's just had a baby as well as delivering her next book.
  • Presents 2009 Contest - two winners and two runners-up all working with editors now. Let's hope one of them gets The Call soon.

Just in case you're wondering whether or not to enter, maybe this story from the Instant Seduction winner will help decide you ...

We're saying it again: you have to be in it to win it. (And wouldn't it be awesome to see a South African at least making the Top 10? So let's get writing and submitting!)

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