Saturday, July 17, 2010

RNA Conference at Greenwich

I am incredibly fortunate to have attended the Romantic Novelists' Association conference at Greenwich in England last week-end. This year is the RNA's 50th anniversary, so it was an especially magical year to attend. And it was so much fun that I'm already making plans to be back in the UK next year for the conference in Caerleon, South Wales.

For more feedback from the conference you can visit my blog at This post is all about the South African contingent at the conference (all three of us, which is a pretty good start, I think!)

First up is Kate Wright. In the picture below Kate is the glamorous one, and I'm the one with my hair blowing all over.

Then we have the two Romys. Not only were there two South African Romys at the conference, and we're both from Durban, but it turns out we're also both alumni of Durban Girls' High School. Talk about a small world!

It was lovely to meet both of you ladies!


  1. Romy, I read all the Greenwhich reports on your blog; it sounds fantastic! I think it's brilliant that we had a South African contingent there!!! SA romance writers are starting to get on the romance map AT LAST!
    I'm so impressed that you went all the way to the UK - shows your dedication! Hope you made some great networking contacts and had the change to get some great pitches in.

  2. Romy, I've been following your every movement on your blogs, sounds like you're having a lovely time over there and meeting all kinds of interesting people.