Sunday, September 27, 2009

Anon ...

There are moments when we all need a little anonymity in our lives! Ask any celebrity who's been caught on camera doing something silly and I'm sure they'll agree whole heartedly.

But even those of us who are not recognised the instant we set foot outside our front door would love to be able to act out of character without the certain knowledge that at some point it will be held against us. Haven't you ever wanted to let rip at the downright rude shop assistant who's managed to turn a perfectly good day into a nightmare from hell? Or tell that irritating client to stick it where ...

Then there are those times when we choose a nom-de-plume for our writing. Why do we do it? Is it simply because we want to be able to separate our day-to-day lives from our writing persona or is it because deep down a part of us is completely insecure in our ability to create something worth-while? If the critic writes about our alter ego then surely it can't be as hurtful as if they were addressing us by the name given to us by our parents?

And then there are those times when we are so grief-stricken, frustrated or angry that we wish we could crawl into a hole to deal with it privately. This one's for all of you out there - may you find those few precious moments to recharge those batteries before you came back to face the world and do it all over again!

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