Sunday, August 9, 2009

Writing Contests

There are a few contests currently open to aspiring romance writers in South Africa:

If you have a completed single title novel you might consider Penguin's contest for aspiring African authors. For more information, check out

For category romance writers, Harlequin is running another Presents contest (Modern & Modern Heat to us here in SA). All you need to enter is a synopsis and first chapter - but as Amanda Holly can attest, it's probably a good idea to have written a little more than that! Winners of the last two contests have already sold their completed manuscripts to Harlequin, but even if you aren't confident of winning, I highly recommend you enter. Every entrant is guaranteed feedback and I know several people who've had full manuscripts requested based on their entries. (Isn't it time you submitted yours, Mandy?) Details are available on

Finally, Essentials magazine is running another Voice of Africa short story contest in conjunction with Mills&Boon. Pick up the August issue of Essentials, or visit their website at[IGcms_nodes][IGcms_nodesUID]=da425e83de610e013f2f16d3fdbfdca3. The prizes are absolutely awesome!

So get writing, and please leave a comment to let us know if you plan to enter any of these. Good luck to all entrants!

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